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[5]  Geiss, LLC [13]  Schultz Forming Products LLC [1]  Thermwood Corp.
[4]  Craftech Industries Inc. [2]  Ensinger [18]  King Plastic Corporation
[3]  Primex Plastics Corporation [6]  Quantum Polymers Corp [11]  Trident Engineering Plastics, Inc.
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[16]  International Assoc. of Safety Health Environmental Professionals (IASHEP) [14]  Podojil & Associates, Inc.  
[12]  Forrest Manufacturing [7]  Hufschmied USA  
Welding Equipment & Supplies
[15, 17]  Laramy Products LLC [9]  Leister Technologies [10]  Seelye, Inc.
[8]  WEGENER Welding, LLC   

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