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Letter from the Editor: Jan/Feb-21  

I was not known for my optimism in my younger days. It took me a long time to look past the bad things life can deal you from time to time, but recognizing my tendency was the first step to changing my perspective. I think a great deal of changing this tendency came with the wisdom that only age brings. Once you survive a few extreme challenges in life or in work you learn that perseverance will solve many things. Our country, and our world, are in a rough place right now yet I remain optimistic. I do not have a crystal ball but if I did, I think I would see the pandemic coming under control as vaccines get into arms, our country’s political differences eased and a strengthening economy as many get safely back to work. And speaking of work, we are optimistic that you will find some interesting machinery, tooling and materials in this issue that can provide opportunity for your business this year.

We kick-off with our annual CNC Routers & Tooling editorial spotlight. We feature 3- and 5-axis machines that can increase your productivity and profitability along with tooling that helps you achieve the best finish off your new, or existing, CNC router. There are more options and price points to choose from than ever before.

Next we look at what’s new in Composites. Composites are well suited for applications in oil and gas, semiconductor and electronics as well as medical, aerospace, analytic instrumentation and energy. They offer superior strength to weight ratios, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and are moisture resistant. From thermoset plastics which are unique composites of cross-linked resins to continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic plates and multilayer hybrids opportunities are everywhere for these unique materials.

Finally, in “Safety Solutions” Jack looks at Electircal Safety. Electricity is an essential power source in modern, automated offices. Power strips are potentially deadly electrical devices. Many of these temporary power drops/power strips have been manufactured with undersized wiring which can overheat and cause a fire.

If your company needs assistance with a safety related matter, Jack would be happy to help. As a reader of PD&F Magazine he is available for an initial consultation. He has over 45 years in industrial safety and can be reached via email at We look forward to bringing you the news and new products that will enable you to be more optimistic this year. To find additional resources search our website. You can also contact our advertisers or manage your subscription.

Please stay safe and enjoy the issue,

David Whelan

March/April 2021

  • Saws & Tooling
  • See-Through Plastics

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