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Letter from the Editor: May/Jun-20  

As I sit in my office on a rainy spring day in May just outside Chicago, Iím thinking about the future, and the past. this issue marks twenty-two years at PD&F Magazine. Iím fortunate that my work allows me a lot of latitude to call the shots each day. Iíve commented to family and friends, on more than one occasion, that as long as I have my computer, I can work anywhere, anytime and through almost anything, and I thought I had. I wonít dwell on the pandemic, Iím sure youíre getting enough of that. I will share with you that when I need an escape, I turn to music. My taste is wide and I have come to appreciate virtually every genre. I donít have a favorite band or song; it depends on the day and my mood. The thing that continues to amaze me about music is how timeless lyrics can be and how the right song can cheer you up or help you get through tough times. I hope that each of you, your family and your friends, are well, staying safe and have something in your life to make your day a little brighter and more manageable.

This issue features our 24th Nylon & Acetal ShapesPLUS editorial spotlight. nylon and acetal are versatile, easy to fabricate and continue to find new applications and new industries to serve, due in part to, their wide range of properties. Our feature, Enhancing Material Handling ApplicationsPLUS , discusses the aspects to consider when selecting the right material for a job. The vast range of cast nylon shapes and sizes allows for unique and specific solutions to the varied manufacturing processes.

In Safety Solutions Jack asks ďDo You or Your Supervisors Really Care About Worker Safety?Ē For many business owners and managers, workplace safety is about keeping up with various industry standards and OSHA regulations. But workplace safety should be about more than just meeting standards and avoiding penalties. Jack has a bet for you. He bets he can find unsafe machinery in your workplace. if you are located in the Phoenix area and want to take him up on his bet, he is willing to give you up to 4 hours of his time to point out machinery hazards in your business. contact him at if you would like to take him up on his bet. Everyone wins when a workplace is safer.

Lastly, I would like to thank our Art Director, Lynette, for her redesign for our anniversary. We like the new look and hope you do too.

In closing, borrowing a line from R.E.M. who I have been listening to this morning, ďItís the end of the world as we know itÖĒ but weíll be fine. Our industry serves essential businesses. Iím honored to be a small part of that and I look forward to many more years of bringing you the news, new products and information you need to stay current and competitive. Visit our website to find additional resources, contact our advertisers or manage your subscription.

Enjoy the issue and stay safe,

David Whelan

July/August 2020

  • 2020 Buyerís Guide
  • IWF Atlanta Preview
  • Polyolefins

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