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Letter from the Editor: Nov/Dec-20  

Looking Ahead
This time of year is traditionally used to assess and plan. But as the end of this very long year draws closer, we are all anxious to get back to normal and see the other side of this pandemic. Many of you run essential businesses and have had to deal with unprecedented challenges this year. We hope we have helped you in some small way to navigate this uncharted time and we look forward for new opportunities to enhance our mission and your businesses. This is an exciting industry. Each year sees more innovation from materials to machinery, and we are excited to bring them to you.

We have some new ideas for 2021. If you have suggestions, we would like to hear from you. Email us at We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to keep you current and competitive in the plastic shapes industry.

We kick-off this issue with a hot market – plastic welding. Our Welding Spotlight features a wide range of joining and fabricating equipment to meet all of your plastic welding and repair needs. From butt welding to pipe fusion equipment to tools that are smaller, lighter and easier to use and extruders that offer high output, we have got it all.

Next up is our Sign & P.O.P. Spotlight. With online retailers taking more and more of the retail pie away from brick and mortar stores, especially this year, your customers are looking for more creative ways to showcase their products. Our spotlight highlights some innovative materials, machinery, tooling and components to help you fabricate durable, high impact signs and displays for your customers.

Finally, in "Safety Solutions" we have a guest contributor this month. Mark Kozeal is the Director of Product Management for Bloomberg Environment, a leading source of legal, regulatory and business information for professionals. In Creating A Safety Culture he discusses how establishing a strong culture of safety is critical for protecting workers, minimizing compliance risk and liability, optimizing workplace productivity, and staying competitive.

Jack will be back soon with more topics to help you manage your businesses safely. As a reader of PD&F Magazine he is available for an initial consultation and can be reached via email at Whether it’s to discuss your safety program or a wide range of topics, Jack has over 45 years of experience in industrial safety.

We would like to thank all of our readers, advertisers and contributors for their support this year. We hope your sights are set high for 2021. All of us at PD&F Magazine wish you happy holidays and a safe and healthy new year. To find additional resources search our website. You can also contact our advertisers or manage your subscription.

Please stay safe and enjoy the issue,

David Whelan

January/February 2021

  • CNC Routers & Tooling
  • Composites

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