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Category: Material
Volume: 44
Issue: 1
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Continuous Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastic Plates
For applications where the mechanical requirements are too high for unreinforced or short fibre-reinforced plastic stock shapes, continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic plates offer an excellent alternative. Thanks to the continuous fibre reinforcement, usually a woven fabric of glass or carbon fibers, they have mechanical properties otherwise achieved only by metallic materials. At the same time, they are significantly lighter than most metal-based alternatives.

Through the use of thermoplastic matrix materials, the plates nevertheless have the same advantages as unreinforced plates made from thermoplastic materials: high impact strength, constant properties over a broad temperature range, chemical resistance and high elongation at break. For some applications, the intrinsic vibration damping of the matrix can also be an advantage.

Plates made from continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics can be processed into finished parts of outstanding quality with minimal tolerances. Alongside water jet cutting, conventional processing methods are also suitable – assuming suitable facilities and processing parameters.

Ensinger has widened its portfolio of composite plates to include three new materials: TECATEC PPS CW50, TECATEC PEI GW50 and TECATEC PC CW50. TECATEC PPS CW50 black (PPS CFK – Polyphenylene sulfide, carbon fibre-reinforced) offers excellent high-temperature resistance, has very good chemical resistance and dimensional stability over a broad temperature and humidity range and its carbon fibre reinforcement increases stiffness and strength. Their TECATEC PEI GW50 natural (PEI GFK – Polyetherimide, glass fibre-reinforced) offers high continuous service temperature (170°C), good electrical insulation, is fire, smoke and toxicity retardant (FST) and its glass fibre reinforcement increases the mechanical properties while keeping costs down. And TECATEC PC CW50 black (PC CFK - Polycarbonate, carbon fibre-reinforced) offers outstanding appearance thanks to crystal-clear, transparent matrix, high impact toughness and its carbon fibre reinforcement increases stiffness and strength.

Ensinger produces the thermoplastic composite plates to customer-specific requirements, with maximum dimensions of 525 x 625 mm. The manufacturer is also flexible when it comes to the plate thickness: in the range 0.5 to 95 mm, any thickness is possible.

For more information, contact Dan Cedrone, Ensinger, 365 Meadowlands Blvd., Washington, PA 15301, 800-243- 3221/856-227-0500, Fax: 724-746-9209, E-mail:, Web:

Thermoset & Thermoplastic Shapes
With nearly 30 years’ experience in working with thermoplastic and thermoset compounds, Polymics has established itself as a leader in fulfilling its “Concept to Solution” mission. Polymics identifies its customers specific application requirements. Then provides the most cost-effective solution which meets or exceeds all critical performance criteria.

PBI (Polybenzimidazole), also known as Celazole® from its HC days, offers the highest overall performance of any engineering polymer. With CUT/CST values of 800°F it is unmatched in its thermal, strength, stiffness, wear, and plasma resistance. Only 3 companies worldwide are approved to process it with Polymics being the only one to supply resin, compounds, shapes and even parts. Polymics is licensed to provide the greatest breadth of product offering through compression molding, extrusion and injection molding. The value proposition at Polymics is further substantiated with its extensive offering of grades and sizes to maximize performance and yield. Polymics offers both “U” and “T” series PBI shapes and parts as well as grades in our Arlymax and Statimax product lines. Statimax itself encompasses a complete portfolio of application specific products in sensitive electrical applications.

Polymics is bringing new products as well as expanding its existing product lines. A snapshot of these includes: PP-HP, a high temperature polypropylene increasing thermal resistance to excellent chemical resistance; an improved polyimide offering competitive in properties and cost; higher temperature polyketones; and expansion of their wear enhanced polymer offerings into bearing and bushing stock.

Polymics is an ISO-9001 company whose attributes include; material development; polymer formulations; patented HT polyketones; custom compounds; part design; tool design; polymer conversion; prototyping; fabrication; assembly; and testing.

For more information, contact Peter Foss, Polymics, Inc., 2215 High Tech Rd., State College, PA 16803, 978-500-6355, Fax: 814-357-5863, E-mail:, Web:

Architectural & Signage Applications
Alutec® is a North American company offering material composed of two aluminum sheets attached to a low-density polyethylene core with a fire-retardant (FR) material. PVDF-Kynar paint gives the material a color life of up to 20 years, exposed to ultraviolet rays. The material is certified by ASTM E84 and NFPA 285 standards and used to construct houses, shopping centers, educational facilities, and hospitals. The company has three brands with an array of line colors – Alutec and Alucomex® for the architectural market and other finishes, and Alusign® for signage and other printed applications.

With 11 color choices on durable, moldable material, Alutec has an aluminum thickness of 0. 5 mm and a total thickness of 4 mm. Alucomex has an aluminum thickness of 0.35 mm and a total thickness of 4 mm. It is available in 30 colors and several textures such as wood, surprising mirror colors, electrifying sparkling colors, and marble.

Alusign has an aluminum thickness of 0.15 and 0.20 mm and a total thickness of 3 mm. It is available in four different colors for use in signage and printed art pieces or applications such as large format advertisements, digital printing, screen printing, displays, and volume shapes.

For more information, contact Brian Olson, The Tandem Group, 6056 Churchwood, Greendale, WI 53129, 414-899-4771, E-mail:, Web:,

Thermoset Composites
Since 1980, Accurate Plastics, Inc. has provided NEMA LI-1 and MIL-I-24768 certified Acculam ® thermoset composites in sheet, tube, rod, and other forms.

Thermoset plastics are historically significant and still innovating today. They are unique composites of cross-linking resins with reinforcing materials that are permanently cured by heat and pressure. Once cured, they become very rigid, durable and maintain physical properties in hot conditions better than thermoplastics. This plastic was pioneered in the early 20th century and found many uses in the electronics industry in the mid-20th century and spawned additional grades during the industrial revolution. Typically referred to as Grades G10, G11, G9, G5, G7, G3, FR4, FR5, CE, LE and XX. Today they continue to expand in electronics, aerospace, gaskets, heavy equipment, medical equipment, magnetics, energy and other applications. Recently released Acculam Carbon Fiber Laminates are a proprietary value-engineered product line providing all the high-performance of traditional Carbon Fiber at significantly competitive prices. They are available in sheets and tubes.

These composites may be combined with other components such as metals, etc., to develop unique properties that allow flexibility in the design of devices. Where high mechanical strength and resistance to heat or electricity are necessary, thermoset composites allow designers a flexible, durable, lightweight option for replacing thermoplastics, metals and other high weight components.

For more information, contact Sales, Accurate Plastics, Inc., 914-476-0700, Fax: 914-476-0533, E-mail:, Web:

Thermoset Shapes & Fabrication
The Atlas Fibre Company is a North American supplier of thermoset/ laminate sheet, rod and tube. They supply the following materials: G-10, G-11, FR4, G-9, G-7, G-5, G-3, and paper, linen and canvas phenolic. All Atlas Fibre materials meet/exceed NEMA and Mil-Spec standards. They can cut to tight tolerances, precision sand materials up to 2.00” thick and fabricate all of these materials.

For more information, contact Mark Mush, Atlas Fibre Company, 3411 Woodhead Dr., Northbrook, IL 60062, 800-323-1408, E-mail:, Web: or

Laminated Sheet
Haysite offers a range of products to meet all your electrical insulation needs. Whether it is GPO -1, 2, or 3, Haysite’s Fiber glass Reinforced Plastic Sheets provide theircustomers with options when faced with critical material requirements.

Typical applications include: general purpose electrical insulation, transformer spacers and supports, transportation components, high voltage appliance insulators, bus bar supports and barriers in switchgear. Their H900 series is recognized as a top performer in the electrical industry.

Haysite offers a variety of grades to meet required specifications in high temperature applications. Their products retain their desired electrical properties without adverse affects to product strength and stability at elevated temperatures. Typical applications include: layer and core insulation for dry type transformers, motor slot wedges, washers, brush plates and terminal boards.

Their HST-II is a benchmark for high temperature FRP materials. Their product offering includes standard and custom materials, which exhibit substantial resistance to cold flow or creep under heat and pressure. In addition, they have over 25 different grades in a wide range of sheet sizes and thicknesses, for corrosion resistant, flexible, and magnetic applications.

For more information, contact Thomas Gardner, Haysite Reinforced Plastics, 5599 New Perry Highway, Erie PA 16509, 814-868-3691, E-mail:, Web:

High Performance Thermosets
Norplex-Micarta is a leading manufacturer of high performance thermoset composite materials based on impregnation and lamination technology. Norplex-Micarta manufactures the highest quality specialty sheet products, pre-pregs, rods, molded shapes, and tubes to meet demanding applications for OEMs and fabricators around the world.

Utilizing epoxy, phenolic, melamine, and silicone resin systems on nearly limitless different reinforcements, Norplex-Micarta offers composite material solutions to designers worldwide. Working collaboratively with designers to identify material and process options, and then establish a design validation and verification plan. All of this is done with economics and ongoing mass production in mind from the start, with a company that has invested specifically to produce thermoset composite materials consistently, economically, and at scale.

For more information, contact Norplex-Micarta, 665 Lybrand Street, Postville, IA 52162, 563-864-7328, Fax: 563-864-4231, E-mail:, Web:

Laminates for PCBs
Current, Inc. manufactures specialized copper clad laminates or electrical grade laminates that are ideal for printed circuit boards and insulators. Manufactured in the U.S., they specialize in custom thickness, coppers and colored applications for short runs, prototypes and production runs.

Their FR4 copper clad laminates are a fire rated electrical grade, dielectric fiberglass material created under high pressure with electro deposited HTE (high-temperature elongated) copper laminated on to the FR4 substrate. It is commonly used for printed circuit boards (PCB).

Colored FR4 is available in black, blue and yellow, as well as natural. Their black copper clad laminates and electrical grade laminates are used for PCBs with light blocking capabilities for LEDs, night vision and aerospace applications. Colored FR4 is available in a solid color throughout and a 50% natural and 50% color configuration.

All of Current’s FR4 is manufactured in multi-tetra and di-functional epoxies. They also manufacture high-temperature copper clad laminates in FR5 with the same functionality, but exhibiting better flexible strength at elevated temperature (177°C.)

For more information, contact Mark Doheny, Current, Inc., 30 Tyler Street, East Haven, CT 06512, 877-436- 6542/203-469-1337, Fax: 203-467-8435, E-mail:, Web: www.

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