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Category: Welding
Volume: 39
Issue: 5
Article No.: 5657

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Laser Welding System
Leister Technologies AG, a worldwide leader in plastic welding and hot-air equipment, showcased its NOVOLAS workstation laser welding system (WS-AT) to the global battery supply chain audience in September.

The WS-AT laser welding system is an all-inclusive, ready-to-use, class 1 solution. This complete, turn-key system can be customized for many component-assembly applications. With additional integrated safety features and interlocks, not available with basic laser systems, the WS-AT is suitable for three-shift operation, prototyping, as well as in research and development (R&D) lab environments. “The WS-AT includes a user-friendly HMI interface with online process control,” explains Fernando Santillana, project manager, with Leister Technologies, “once implemented, the system runs autonomously.”

The WS-AT laser demo featured the welding of production- ready battery modules provided by Covestro AG. The two-piece components are produced using flame retardant, Bayblend® FR3010 PC+ABS, a line of amorphous, thermoplastic polymer blends based on polycarbonate (PC). Bayblend is a material that withstands high strains and temperatures and is uniquely-suited to the manufacturing of safe and economical battery housings. According to Terry Davis, principal engineer, of Covestro LLC, “With this material, battery manufacturers can create reliable and leak-free battery enclosures.”

Leister Technologies AG has been a worldwide leader in plastic welding and hot-air equipment for more than 65 years. The Swiss manufacturer’s plastic-welding products are used in roof sealing systems, floor coverings, plastic sheeting, earthworks, hydraulic and tunnel engineering, process equipment manufacturing and for vehicle repair; its process heat products are used for activating, heating, curing, melting, shrinking, welding, sterilizing, drying and warming.

For more information, contact Daphne Mischel, Leister Technologies LLC, 1275 Hamilton Parkway, Itasca, IL 60143, 855-534-7837/630-760-1000, Fax: 630-760-1001, E-mail:, Web:

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