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Thermoset Composites

Accurate Plastics, Inc. since 1980 has provided NEMA LI-1 and MIL-I- 24768 certified Acculam® thermoset composites in sheet, tube, rod and other forms.

Thermoset plastics are unique composites of cross-linking resins with reinforcing materials that are permanently cured by heat and pressure. Once cured, they become very rigid, durable and maintain physical properties in hot conditions better than thermoplastics. This plastic, pioneered in the early 20th century was known as Bakelite and found many uses in the electronics industry of the mid-20th century and spawned development of additional grades during the industrial revolution. Typically referred to as Grades G10, G11, G9, G5, G7, G3, FR4, FR5, CE, LE, XX, today they continue to expand relevance in electronics, aerospace, gaskets, heavy equipment, medical, magnetics, energy and other applications.

A new grade, MATRIX HT, provides excellent maintenance of properties at temperatures up to 500°F and over.

These composites may be combined with other components such as metals, etc. to develop special properties that allow flexibility in design of devices. Where high mechanical strength and resistance to heat or electricity are necessary, thermoset composites allow designers a flexible, durable, lightweight option for replacing thermoplastics, metals and other high weight components.

For more information, contact Sales, Accurate Plastics, Inc., 914-476-0700, Fax: 914-476-0533, E-mail:, Web:

Composite Solutions

Polymics Ltd. Continues to advance both thermoset and thermoplastic composite material solutions. Since, 2007, Polymics and its subsidiaries have been providing unique thermoset composite products to key industries and they now offers comprehensive composite processes including filament wound tubes and lining products, high strength pultruded rods, and a unique “Pulwinding” processes that combines the benefit of Pultrusion in tensile strength and filament winding in hoop strength for structural profile applications. These processes were designed to meet cost reduction and performance enhancements in oil/gas, semiconductor/electronics as well as other industries. Typical resin systems adopted currently are standard and high temperature epoxy as well as most unsaturated polyester systems.

In addition, Polymics has initiated a thermoplastic composite program as an extension of its comprehensive high heat polymer programs. Initial products include a Pyramid CC product line with PEEK, PAEK and PPS as the basic resin matrix. Currently, compression molded products and limited long fiber composite systems are offered for medical, aerospace and analytic instrumentation meeting increased strength requirements while still delivering weight savings and critical chemical resistance.

Polymics “Concept to Solution” mission addresses each customer’s individual application requirements when providing a cost-effective solution that meets all critical performance criteria. This is accomplished through experience and expertise that encompasses: material development, polymer formulation including recently patented high temperature Polyketones, custom compounding, part design, polymer conversion, prototype fabrication, assembly and complete testing in their ISO-9001 certified facilities.

Polymics also offers an extensive inventory of thermoplastics such as PEEK tube where they utilize several processes including hot compression molding, injection molding, extrusion and centrifugal molding to supply the industries most extensive size capabilities.

For more information, contact Peter Foss, Polymics, Inc., 2215 High Tech Road, State College, PA 16803, 814-357-5860, Fax: 814-357-5863, E-mail:, Web:

Ballistic Protection

To meet the military’s growing requirement for ballistic protection, Norplex-Micarta has developed ShotBlocker®, a specialty line of high performance thermoset composite sheets, pre-pregs, and molded shapes. This fiberglass-based material is resistant to projectiles, ricochet, heat, and fire, making it suitable for the most threatening military missions.

Typically used to arm vehicles and guard stations, the material provides exceptional structural strength, plus both ballistic and ricochet resistance against small arms fire, blasts, and fragmentation. Lighter than steel, it is easy to handle and machine, allowing for ease of installation and repair.

For more information, contact Jerry Regan, Norplex-Micarta, 665 Lybrand Street, Postville, IA 52162, 563-864-4227, Fax: 563-864-4231, E-mail:, Web:

Laminates for PCBs

Current, Inc. manufactures specialized copper clad laminates or electrical grade laminates that are ideal for printed circuit boards and insulators. Manufactured in the U.S., they specialize in custom thickness, coppers and colored applications for short runs, prototypes and production runs.

Their FR4 copper clad laminates are a fire rated electrical grade, dielectric fiberglass material created under high pressure with electro deposited HTE (high-temperature elongated) copper laminated on to the FR4 substrate. It is commonly used for printed circuit boards (PCB).

Colored FR4 is available in black, blue and yellow, as well as natural. Their black copper clad laminates and electrical grade laminates are used for PCBs with light blocking capabilities for LEDs, night vision and aerospace applications. Colored FR4 is available in a solid color throughout and a 50% natural and 50% color configuration.

All of Current’s FR4 is manufactured in multi-tetra and di-functional epoxies. They also manufacture high temperature copper clad laminates in FR5 with the same functionality, but exhibiting better flexible strength at elevated temperature (177°C.)

For more information, contact Mark Doheny, Current, Inc., 30 Tyler Street, East Haven, CT 06512, 877-436-6542/203-469-1337, Fax: 203-467-8435, E-mail:, Web:

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