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CNC Routers & Tooling
Vacuum Tables Hold Down Costs

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CNC Routers & Tooling

3- & 5-Axis Machining Centers

Thermwood Corporation, located in Southern Indiana and established in 1969, offers both 3- and 5-axis CNC machining centers ideally suited for the production, fabrication and trimming of wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, composites and other advanced materials. Some of these applications consist of nested-based panel production, solid wood, roller holddown machines for upholstery frames as well as their award winning Cut Ready Cut Center, which doesn’t require any programming. Other applications range from machining patterns and molds/plugs to trimming & machining production products for various industries such as woodworking, automotive, aerospace/aviation and defense industries.

Thermwood has also developed a new product for the Additive Manufacturing industry. Their new Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) system uses reinforced thermoplastic composite materials for producing industrial tooling, molds, patterns, masters, plugs and fixtures for various industries and can perform both the “additive” and “subtractive” functions on the same machine.

Thermwood is a U.S. based company with dealers and distributors worldwide. In addition to machine manufacturing and software development, Thermwood has a technical service organization that provides support, machine installation, training, retrofits, custom programming and production assistance.

For more information, contact Jason Susnjara, Thermwood Corporation, 904 Buffaloville Rd., Dale, IN 47523, 800-533-6901/812-937-4476, Fax: 812-937-2956, E-mail:, Web:

Heavy-Duty CNC Routers

Techno CNC has been in business since 1986 and has gained great experience over the years in what goes into making a reliable CNC router. They have built many different CNC’s, using various methods and components during their history, and now, culminating in the best combination of mechanics and electronics to date.

Their latest machine models are the result of the many years of experimenting and fine-tuning. Techno router frames are currently constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel, and integrate the highest quality components in each and every machine build. This quality results in high speed machining, precise cutting, and ultra smooth edge finish for all plastic materials, especially in hard plastics like acrylic and polycarbonate. Techno machines are engineered for low cost to performance ratio and machine sizes range from table top systems to industry standard plastic sheet processing sizes. Techno offers complete turnkey solutions to meet the production needs of any size shop or budget. Their tech support is experienced and well versed in helping the customer select the right tooling, feeds and speeds to get the best cut quality out of their CNC. Their customers, many of whom are long term repeat customers, appreciate the reliability and service Techno CNC delivers.

For more information, contact Roy Valentine, Techno CNC Systems, LLC, 29 Trade Zone Drive, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, 631-648-7481, Fax: 631-983-4701, E-mail:, Web:

Fast, Flexible & Powerful

AXYZ offers a range of innovative, industrial CNC routers to meet almost any application requirement. Without compromising on quality, their products are highly productive, offer superior in cut quality and are affordable. Process areas range from 28” to 50 ft, with single, double or triple-head carriages suitable for multiple operations. Focusing on innovative, customization and exceptional service, AXYZ has a CNC machine for any project.

AXYZ Series is the most customizable, available in all sizes. It is one of the most popular in signmaking, metal fabrication, plastic fabrication and woodworking. Pacer Series is a powerful, heavy-duty option, aimed at plastic/metal fabricators and aerospace applications that require extremely high tolerances.

Trident CNC Knife Hybrid offers lightning fast knife cutting and overwhelming routing capabilities to take on broader projects. It’s extremely popular with sign making, print finishing applications and foam packaging. PANELBuilder is popular in aluminum composite and metal composite cladding with its very own powerful software package.

Z Series is the Go-To router for the budget conscious or first-time user. It is ideal for school settings or hobbyist. CNC Waterjets can cut through any material. Tailored to meet your individual needs and upgradeable at any time.

For more information, contact Greg Jenkins, AXYZ Automation, Inc., 5330 South Service Road, Burlington, ON, L7L 5L1, Canada, 800-361-3408/905-634-4940, Fax: 905-634-4966, E-mail:, Web: or

High-Speed routing & Maximum Precision

Stiles provides industry-leading CNC technology for high-speed routing and maximum precision that can be customized to suit your specific needs. From advanced productivity and high precision to energy and material savings, Stiles CNC solutions are helping plastic manufacturers of all sizes work smarter.

The new HOMAG CENTATEQ N-500, provided exclusively by Stiles Machinery and made right here in the U.S., is a powerful, yet compact nesting solution for high-speed routing and maximum precision over the total working width. Featuring increased drilling and tool changing capabilities and easy-to-use touch-screen controls, the CENTATEQ N-500 offers the perfect solution for manufacturers of all sizes who depend on German-quality machining at an American-made value.

For more information, contact James Swanson, Stiles Machinery, 3965 44th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512, 616-698-7500, E-mail:, Web:

Powerful & Affordable CNC Solutions

For 20 years, ShopBot Tools has continued with the mission of making digital fabrication tools widely accessible and user-friendly. They are fulfilling this mission by providing a wide range of tool sizes and by supporting the success of each user with a range of services such as free technical support, an active online forum, and production support services.

Their tools provide the power, precision, and reliability of big-iron CNC tools costing thousands of dollars more. You can machine, cut, and carve into a variety of materials including wood, MDF, plastics, foam, and non-ferrous metals.

For power and high precision in a small footprint, look to their popular and affordable ShopBot Desktop and Desktop MAX. They’re being used in countless industries and educational settings. Their full-size shop tools, such as the PRSalpha 96” x 48” (and larger), are at work everywhere from small businesses to large factory settings. They are easily configured and can be reconfigured to meet your evolving production needs.

ShopBot is one of the largest producers of digital fabrication equipment for the small-to-mid sized manufacturing, DIY, and education markets. All ShopBot tools are designed, built, and supported in their Durham, NC headquarters.

For ore information, contact ShopBot Tools, Inc., 3333B Industrial Drive, Durham, NC 27704, 888-680-4466/919-680-4900, E-mail:, Web:

Trimming Machines

GEISS, a worldwide leader in technology, quality and performance, manufactures trimming machines that can be exactly adapted to meet your specific requirements.

Depending on requirements, the GEISS trimming machines are available in any nominal size and different versions. The smallest machine size provides the same productivity and rigidity as the larger ones. The nominal size is equal to the block size trimmed with 5-axis in all machines. The machine size 2000 x 1000 mm is the most built standard size.

GEISS customers can be assured that all programs are interchangeable and compatible to enable transfer to newer control systems among all machine sizes.

Areas of application include: thermoplastics; glass and carbon fiber-reinforced composites; compression molded parts of GMT and SMC; molded parts of foam; honeycomb lightweight materials; pattern making foams in tool making and prototyping.

For more information, contact Michael J. Roche, Geiss LLC, 42 Ozick Drive, Unit 6, Durham, CT 06422, 203-988-9426, E-mail:, Web:

Workholding Flexibility, an industry leader in airflow design and innovation, now offers three distinct types of vacuum table surface: perforated, gridstyle, and their state-of-the-art, ultraversatile hybrid vacuum table system. The hybrid design, which incorporates both perforated and grid-style surfaces in a single unit, is exclusive to

Vacuum workholding systems are used to improve countless industrial operations from metal processing and woodworking to aerospace engineering and scientific research. Vacuum holddown is reliable and stable, simplifying and standardizing production procedures, thereby saving users time and money.

Often integrated with CNC machinery for milling, cutting, routing, and drilling of wood, metal, or plastics, vacuum workholding technology is also used in laser cutting, surface grinding, measuring, plotting, and the application of coatings and adhesives.

Aerospace developers and research laboratories increasingly utilize vacuum technology to conduct precise processing of alloys, composites, and synthetic materials. Leading museums and educational institutions use vacuum tables and vacuum table systems for fine art restoration, digital archiving, and rostrum camera applications.

Vacuum table systems are suitable for processing a wide range of materials including sensitive and delicate substrates such as fabrics, glass, and high-grade composites. Clamp-free holddown of workpieces limits damage and reduces production wastage.

Manufactured to meet the exacting needs of modern industry, precision-engineered vacuum tables from adhere to or exceed OEM standards for smoothness, flatness, and durability. Whether you choose a standard perforated or grid-style surface or one of their adaptable new hybrid systems, vacuum workholding technology will revolutionize your industrial processes, improving quality and reducing costs.

For more information, contact Bryan Green,, a specialized division of Graphic Parts International, Inc., 4321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60641, 773-725-4900, E-mail:, Web:

New & Used CNC Routers

Since 1975 Plastimach Corp. is a stocking dealer of previously owned CNC routers and thermoforming equipment. They also represent major manufacturers of new CNC routers. Plastimach has consistently delivered quality new and used CNC routers and to their customers. Most of their inventory can be inspected at their New York or Chicago warehouses.

Their staff has over 75 years of experience in the CNC routers and thermoforming industry, and they look forward to discussing your particular application in order to suggest the equipment that is right for you. They also represent major manufacturers of new CNC routers.

Their database of used machinery consists of prior sales and potential customers which provides them with the ability to accurately locate or sell used machinery. They deliver fast, affordable and accurate information necessary for you to decide which method is best to sell or buy new or used equipment.

For more information, contact Rob Rosen, Plastimach Corp./CNC Router Store, Valley Cottage NY 10989, 845-267-2985, E-mail:, Web: or

Demanding Flexibility & Performance The Morbidelli N100 is a fully equipped, economically priced CNC router designed and engineered for machining advanced materials including plastic and composites. Equipped with a 5’ x 12’ multifunction phenolic work table and a variety of heavy-duty working units, this machine is designed for demanding applications. It provides outstanding edge finish for all types of plastics and high performance engineering materials and more. Due to the unique design and PRO-SPACE safety systems directly integrated, it requires less floor space and is accessible from all sides to place panels or small components on the work table.

Main features include: a rigid closed gantry frame with aluminum grid vacuum table; a prismatic linear guideway system/helical rack and pinion; a powerful 13 hp 24,000 RPM electrospindle; a 14 position tool changer (HSK 63F) with touch probe; mobile PC control (Windows 7) with separate touch screen hand held device; a compact footprint with full safety systems for maximum operator protection and a full safety system with enclosure for spindle

For more information, contact Phil Bryant, SCM Group, 2475 Satellite Blvd., Duluth, GA 30096, 404-759-3534, E-mail:, Web: www.scmgroup .com.

Tool Selection Guide App Vortex Tool Company’s Tool Selection Guide App simplifies tool selection based on your cutting needs. Users input the type of material being cut, the horsepower of the CNC machine, the tool diameter, the thickness of material and the type of cut desired, and the Tool Selection Guide App will recommend the best tool for your application. The App also includes calculators to determine chipload, feed rate, RPM and metric conversions. Convenient links are also provided for the current Vortex Tool catalog and online ordering.

Winner of the 2015 AWFS Visionary Award for innovation/productivity in tooling, the Vortex Tool Selection Guide App is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Android Tablet. For a free download, go to or and select the Vortex Tool Selection Guide.

Vortex Tool Company, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom high-performance router and insert cutting tools for the woodworking and plastics industries, and provides re-tipping and sharpening services for all makes and models.

For more information, contact Mike Serwa, Vortex Tool Company, 5605 East Jelinek Ave., Schofield, WI 54476, 800-355-7708/715-355-7707, Fax: 715-355-7353 E-mail:, Web:

Coated CNC Router Bits

Amana Tool, a producer of industrial quality carbidetipped, solid carbide and replacement carbide cutting tools, recently introduced their Spektra™ extreme tool life coated CNC router bit line. Their Spektra bits feature a nACo® nanocomposite coating with an extreme Nano hardness and heat resistance. With a brilliant distinctively-tinted coloring, nACo provides additional improvements in four critical aspects of router tooling.

enables the tool's cutting edge to retain crucial sharpness and lubricity. This provides longevity and produces cutting results of the highest quality. The coating also prevents high heat and oxidation, which is detrimental to cutting tool performance. The multi-colored hues, while attractive, will dissipate upon use and yet coating will remain fully effective.

nACo offers approximately 4,500 Vickers for impressive solid hardness on cutting areas of the tool, for an increase up to 2.5 times the life compared to uncoated bits.

The range of tools is aimed at use in the high production wood and plastics industries. Featured are solid carbide compression spirals for use on wood, wood veneer, plywood, MDF and laminates. Also offered are solid carbide “O’ flute tools for use on acrylic (Plexiglas® Lucite®) and many other plastic materials. The tools are available in a variety of sizes. The compression tools are also offered in a 5-piece set.

For more information, contact Frank Misiti, Amana Tool, 120 Carolyn Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735, 800-445-0077/631-752-1300, Fax: 631-752-1674, E-mail:, Web:

Cutting & Milling Tools

Hufschmied offers a range of tooling specifically designed for milling plastics. With plastic materials it is crucial to keep the milling temperature as low as possible. This can be achieved with tools from their Universal-Line and Sharp-Line. Depending on your requirements and your machinery, the solution to your processing problem offers you a choice of one, two or three-flute cutters.

Hufschmied tools are designed to minimize burr formation and provide a quality edge finish at high feed rates minimizing secondary operations.

When it comes to cutting thermoset the avoidance of burr formation is critical to a high quality edge finish. Their Universal-Line and Proto-Line are well suited for this category of materials.

For the processing of PMMA, cast or extruded, the Frasen Per Plex product range of single-fluted milling cutters produce a mirror-like surface finish without the need for additional polishing tools or any other polishing action. When working acrylics, milling cutters and drills need to produce sharply defined cutting edges. For this approach, Hufschmied supplies the FPE tool system with a singlestep roughing and finishing cycle producing these very sharply defined edges. For polycarbonate and PET their Sharp-Line will provide a sooth finish with long tool life.

For more information, contact Erin Roche, Hufschmied USA, 42 Ozick Drive, Unit 6, Durham CT 06422. 239-220-6602, E-mail:, Web:

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