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Mahinery & Tooling
Polyolefin Spotlight

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Mahinery & Tooling

Routers & Tooling
Thermwood 3-Axis CNC routers handle plastic sheet processing, billets and panel processing (Model 43 and Model 45). Their 5-Axis CNC routers handle trimming of thermoformed parts, molds and composite machining (Model 67 and Model 90). They also offer the Model 70 and Model 77, which are primarily used for large scale plastic work.

Their machines can work with a wide variety of materials including Starboard®, P VC, HDPE, polyethylene, polypropylene, PETE, LDPE, PP, PS (Styrofoam), polycarbonate, acrylic, nylon and more.

Some of the basic tooling they recommend are: for trimming operations/sheet operations - single “O” flute up-spiral is used for chip evacuation. For Finishing – 2- or 3-flute slow helix up-spiral is re commended. For Composites, they recommend solid PCD or diamond-coated tooling and for fiberglass they recommend using a burr style bit for best results.

Their CNC experts are ready to evaluate your production needs to help determine how you can reduce costs and increase efficiency. They also offer free live demonstrations of their equipment and software using your application and product details. This can help identify inefficiencies and areas of your current process that their machines could help improve.

For more information, contact Duane Marrett, Thermwood Corp oration, 904 Buffaloville Rd., Dale, IN 47523, 800-533-6901, E-mail: Web:

Plastic Working Machinery
Castaly Machine offers reliable and affordable quality panel – beam saws for plastics. Cutting large panels quickly and efficiently is a necessity in today’s competitive markets. Super-duty 20 to 25 hp NC / Computer Panel Saw with pusher or gripper feed has the capacity to cut panels quickly, easily, and accurately. The Computer Panel Saw promises dramatic productivity gains with advanced computer control, high efficiency automatic gripper feed system, reduced cycle time and perfect square cutting accuracy. The automatic gripper feed system is driven by a 2 hp AC servo motor for accuracy within 0.001" and 100 ~ 330 FPM high feeding performance. The controller can be online at the office with a personal computer through a RS- 232 interface or USB to download cutting information. The setting data can also be printed out.

Equipped with touch control screen for convenient operations eliminating the problem of dust contamination. Featuring a self-diagnostic function provided with comprehensive probable cause of error and detailed troubleshooting guide allowing the operator to easily correct problems. The scoring blade may be laterally adjusted for a burr-free cut or vertically adjusted for proper cut. A 2 hp AC motor drives the saw carriage with variable speeds changed by frequency control 16 ~ 495 FPM with retract 400 FPM speed. The table surfaces are covered with Bakelite or rubber rollers to prevent scratching of the panel during feeding. The base is welded from cold rolled steel plate offering rugged construction.

Castaly also offers reliable and affordable quality CNC equipment configurations that suit a variety of applications such as router, laser, plasma, oscillating knife, lathe and boring. These machines are specifically designed for cabinetry, closets, signs, and plastic applications for small to large-sized companies. Their featured tools are engineered to be multi-functional while providing the best quality and adaptability.

Their technician team provides machine installation and onsite/remote (Zoom app) operation training per customer request. They also carry a large inventory of spare parts.

For more information, contact Jeff Ou, Castaly Industries Corp., 637 Vineland Ave., La Puente, CA 91746, 626-968-6330, Fax: 626-336-2890, E-mail:, Canada Branch: 956 Rue André-Liné, Granby, QC J2J 1E2 CANADA, 450-372-3876, Web:

Trimming Machines
GEISS AG, a worldwide leader in technology, quality and performance, manufactures trimming and vacuumforming machines that can be configured exactly to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Depending on the customer’s specific application, the GEISS machine can be produced in any nominal size and delivered with and in any combination of the more than 100 options to meet any need in terms of the materials to be processed as well as the capacity requirement They are able to deliver a full range of features to result in equipment best suited for any need starting at basic manually loaded, semi-automation all the way up to fully-automatic operations The idea is to be able to deliver the most cost effective solution for meeting a full range of requirements regardless of product size or the material type being processed, at any production capacity within a wide range of their clients and budget.

Geiss has now introduced the market to a fully integrated forming and trimming solution. Thye now offer to configure their forming and trimming machines together with an integrated six-axis robot that allows for a full-automatic solution. The user can start with palletized sheet material and without human intervention, get out the finished parts because all the handling between forming, trimming is done automatically. Addition further operations such as management of the scrap and dust and chip mitigation, or part inspection with vision systems can be integrated. Geiss already offered automatic exchange of sheet material and molds.

Despite the possibility to run in a fully automated configuration both the vacuum forming and trimming machines can be run independently of each other without the use of the robot.

Cycle times can be balanced between the thermoforming and the trimming processes by using multiples of the machines of either type together with robotic integration to reach an ideal configuration.

For more information, contact Michael J. Roche, Geiss LLC, 42 Ozick Drive, Unit 6, Durham, CT 06422, 203-988- 9426, E-mail:, Web:

Dust Collection
Dust Technology™ maintains the design to one of this industry’s most efficient and reliable waste extraction systems, removing the dust and waste material of wood, plastics, solid surface particles and many others from the manufacturing process. A main feature of their systems is the financial benefits received by way of their internal air return process. No air, whether it is heated or cooled, is discharged outdoors, greatly reducing your facilities monthly utility costs. Their units are both durable & affordable, costing substantially less than conventional cyclone systems and are 100% Made In The U.S. The rugged "Strong Leg System" features eleven-gauge steel ensuring secure installation with only two sets of nuts and bolts. This extends the useful life of their equipment while maintaining superior acoustic dampening. The product line consists of eleven models and rotary air lock unloaders, units equipped from 3 to 25 HP T.E.F.C. blower motors depending on the model. Single phase and other voltages are available. Every unit has a unique baffling system that forces the collection bags to fill evenly and a unique latch system that offers quick access to the impeller. The standard anti-static upper cloth filters bags are designed to decrease airflow resistance, increase airflow and dust extraction, and significantly lower pressure drop differentials. Fire suppression systems are available.

Through their sister companies they also design and manufacture custom central dust collection systems for your entire facility and are one of the largest stocking suppliers of dust collection spiral pipe, fittings and accessories for industrial ventilation, dust and fume collection in the U.S.

For more information, contact Bryan Murphy, DustTechnology. com, 100 Ashburton Ave., Woburn, MA 01801, 800- 322-0070/781-938-8755, E-mail:, Web: and

Cutting & Milling Tools
Hufschmied offers a range of tooling specifically designed for milling plastics. With plastic materials it is crucial to keep the milling temperature as low as possible. This can be achieved with tools from their Universal-Line and Sharp-Line. Depending on your requirements and your machinery, the solution to your processing problem offers you a choice of one, two or three-flute cutters.

Hufschmied tools are designed to minimize burr formation and provide a quality edge finish at high feed rates minimizing secondary operations.

When it comes to cutting thermoset the avoidance of burr formation is critical to a high-quality edge finish. Their Universal-Line and Proto-Line are well suited for this category of materials.

For the processing of PMMA, cast or extruded, the Frasen Per Plex product range of single-fluted milling cutters produce a mirror- like surface finish without the need for additional polishing tools or any other polishing action. When working acrylics, milling cutters and drills need to produce sharply defined cutting edges. For this approach, Hufschmied supplies the FPE tool system with a single-step roughing and finishing cycle producing these very sharply defined edges. For polycarbonate and PET their Sharp- Line will provide a sooth finish with long tool life.

For more information, contact Steve Holbrook, Hufschmied USA, 42 Ozick Drive, Unit 6, Durham CT 06422, 419-341-6337, E-mail:, Web:

No-Melt Blades
Modified triple-chip grind tooth style and specially engineered side clearances make Forrest Manufacturing's carbide tipped No-Melt blades the perfect choice for cutting single or multiple stacked sheets of plastic without chipping or melting.

The No-Melt blade is just one of the many award-winning general-, special- and custom-purpose blades and dados offered by Forrest Manufacturing, a family-owned business for more than 50 years. All Forrest blades are manufactured in the U.S. to exacting standards, using proprietary grinding techniques and hand straightening. The result is exceptional perimeter concentricity, an astonishing +/- .001” side runout and super fine-tooth grind for smooth, quiet and precise cuts.

The No-Melt blade is no exception. Its numerous teeth allow fast feeding of brittle acrylics. Super-hard C-4 micro grain carbide tips ensure 50 to 300 percent longer life between sharpenings. The No-Melt blade is available in 7” to 20” diameters with 60 to 120 teeth. It is particularly appropriate for cutting acrylics, Delrins®, ABS, styrenes, PVC, and high- and low-melt nylons. Forrest blades come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Factory sharpening services for all makes of carbide tipped circular blades is also available.

Forrest also offers their Duraline blades available in different tooth styles to meet different needs. The TCG for plastic cuts smoother than No-Melt due to narrower clearance angles. Use #11 TCG to prevent chipping edge of acrylic sheet. Also keep blade height low if on table saw. Made with double-hard C-4 Submicron Carbide for longer life between sharpenings.

For more information, contact Jay Forrest, Forrest Manufacturing Company, 457 River Road, Clifton, NJ 07014, 800-733-7111, Web:

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