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Welding Spotlight

Sheet Butt Welder
Wegener Welding, LLC introduces the newest sheet butt welding machine to their range of high-quality welding equipment. The MWD manual welding device is now available.

For smaller scale fabrication requiring sheet butt weld¬ing of PP and PE, the MWD offers a perfect balance between versatility and high quality. The MWD is offered in working widths of 1m, 1.5m, and 2m versions and has intuitive operating controls. Pneumatic table pressure eliminates the need for hand wheels or cranks while en¬suring steady, evenly applied pressure during the welding process.

The robust welded steel frame is set on heavy duty caster wheels for easy maneuverability around the workshop. Options for 90° corner welding, miter welding (45°, 60°, 90°) for dual wall materials, and integrated air supply make the MWD an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.

For more information, contact Leah Dockter, Wegener Welding LLC, 16W301 S. Frontage Rd, Burr Ridge, IL 60527, 630-789-0990, Fax 630-789-1380, E-mail:, Web:

Powerful Hand Extruder
The WELDPLAST 600 is the most powerful hand extruder from Leister and is characterized by its high output of 13 pounds per hour. Its double-sided rod intake gives the powerful Leister hand extruder more flexibility when welding large objects made of polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP). The WELDPLAST 600 is suitable for welding plastic tanks, electroplating tanks, water reservoirs, fish breeding tanks, scrubbing systems, pipelines, etc.

In addition to the brushless blower motor, the WELDPLAST 600 has a brushless drive motor. This gives the hand extruder a lot of power and a long, low-maintenance service life.

The increasing quality requirements for tanks and containers were also considered when developing this extruder. That is why the unit is equipped with the proven Leister Quality System (LQS). Via the myLeister app, the welding parameters can be clearly documented in a log while welding. This is an advantage for users, as it allows them to showcase the quality of the work they have carried out.

For more information, contact Ken Huber, Leister Technologies, LLC, 1275 Hamilton Pkwy., Itasca, IL 60143, 855-534-7837, Fax: 630-760-1001, E-mail:, Web:

Plastic Polymer Sheets
King Plastic’s polymer sheets work like wood and last a lifetime. The polymer sheets are easy to fabricate using common working tools and techniques.

A plastic welding technique called hot gas (air) welding uses a heat gun, known as a hot air welder, and creates hot air to melt the two pieces of polymer together with a plastic filler rod. The polymer sheet can be bent and thermoformed using a heat gun and bending bar. To learn more visit

King Plastic is the leading manufacturer of quality polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes. Its polymers are sold worldwide through a network of top plastics distributors to customers who fabricate products for the marine industry (King StarBoard® brand), signage, food service, healthcare, architectural, industrial and other markets.

For more information, contact Michael Fabbri, King Plastic Corporation, 1100 N. Toledo Blade Blvd., North Port, FL 34288, 941-493-5502, Fax: 941-497-3274, Email:, Web:

Welding & Fabrication Equipment
Laramy Products LLC has been manufacturing and supplying thermoplastic welding and forming equipment to the plastics industry for over 50 years. Their complete line of welders ensures a model to fit your needs and your budget - whether it be a shop unit, field application, or for nitrogen required welds. A wide variety of welding tips and a wide range of heat elements is available to complete your welding equipment.

Their bending bars and optional sword attachment provide an inexpensive tool for heating thermoplastic sheets to form bends. The units are available in two sizes to heat 4-foot and 8-foot sheets. The entire unit consists of two heating bars, two base supports and a stepless heat controller. The unique “Laramy Sword” is an optional attachment to the bending bars allowing a sharp, non-radius bend to be made on polypropylene and polyethylene. The result is a sharp attractive bend with a reinforced inner joint. Contact Laramy for a sample bend of your material.

For more information, contact, Sherry Stahler, Laramy Products LLC, P.O. Box 1168 Lyndonville, VT 05851, 802-626-9328, Fax: 802-626-5529, E-mail:, Web:

High Temperature Welding
Seelye, Inc., a division of Seelye Acquisitions, Inc., has been a leader in the thermoplastic welder industry for more than 60 years with their quality, efficient, and economical products. Their Model 63 Series has been a staple in the plastic industry since its creation back in the 1950s. With three options within the Model 63 Series, the user can pick the welder that will best suit their needs. The SI-1005 Welder is an excellent welder for home use. It is small and compact and can weld everything from PVC fences to water pipes to car bumpers. The SI-1002 is the exact same welder but comes with a Carrying Case and Tacking Tip. This welder is a good option for customers who need to do small repairs on a more regular basis. The SI-1167 is the Model 63’s portawelder. This welder allows the user to be able to go onsite to perform repairs.

Their SI-2001FC Series makes production welding easier. Between the control board with rheostat and adjusting the airflow, this welder has infinite heat settings, making welding thermoplastics from PP to PVC to UHMW possible. Like their Model 63 SI-1167, the SI-2001FCP is a portable welder and is capable of welding all the same plastics as the SI-2001FC Welder. Just plug the SI-2001FCP into a 110-volt electrical outlet and you are ready to weld. Welding high-temperature plastic has never been easier. Seelye, Inc. is a one-stop shop for all your thermoplastic welding needs.

Both series come with a standard 500-Watt 120-Volt Heating, but do have available 400-Watt or 650-Watt Heating Elements upon request.

For more information, contact Paige Bowen, Seelye, Inc., 946 Century Lane, Apopka, FL 32703, 800-258-2936/407-656-6677, Fax: 407-656-5244, E-mail:, Web:

Plastic Welders & Fabrication Training
For the past twenty-five years Larry Rowold has been teaching plastic welding in classroom as well as on-site in North America, and on several other continents. His primary personnel include Sheila Carpenter, responsible for their website and responding to inquiries, and Chip Klinck. Klinck has been working in the plastic fabrication industry since the early 60’s and is a good source of knowledge; not only on equipment, but also on how to fabricate various tough components. He is also a manufacturer's represen¬tative involved in the selling of plastic welding equipment and plastic welding rod. He has strong associations with leading equipment manufactures.

Rowold performs the equipment repairs, and teaches the plastic welding/fabrication classes. He has taught companies how to get started doing hot gas and extrusion welding as well as retrained other companies to make their plastic welding operations more efficient and improve quality. Most of this training occurs at either a companies’ facility or on their jobsite. The curriculum has been updated with the new American Welding Society (AWS) guidelines. Their training will conclude with a written examination and a practical bend test. Rowold offers the line of HSK Welders including the HSK 10 DE Compact. It is an extrusion welder for PE, PP and PVC. It features a temperature probe, located in the melt chamber; rod feeding with no additional gearing; control units for actual/desired mass temperature; cold start protection and accepts rod diameters of 3mm (1/8") and 4mm (5/32"). In addition, he stocks the larger HSK 18, HSK 28, HSK 40, a best seller, and the HSK 60. The numeral represents the output in kg/hr. Each of these units have independent digital temperature controllers for the pre-heat and extrudate. See their new line of HSK equipment, just displayed at the K-Show, on their website.

For more information, contact Larry Rowold, 1010 Vermont Ave., The Villages, FL 32159, 630-319-3480, E-mail:, or Chip Klinck, 603-848-7153, E-mail:, Web: www.plasticweldingtraining .com.

Hot Air Welder
The New Oval-Q welder is characterized by its slight lean oval shape that allows you to work ergonomically. This powerful welder has an efficient twin turbine system providing an airflow of 280 liters/minute. With this above average airflow, a robust 1650W heat element yields maximum heat temperatures, which are adjustable using the heat control knob. The Oval-Q is lightweight (3 lbs) giving you ergonomic and fatigue- free operation and has an optimally balanced motor for minimal handle vibration. It is also available in 230V, 1500W power.

Suitable for welding all thermo-plastics the Oval-Q welds roofing materials, textiles, tarpaulin and banner materials, pond liners, and vinyl sheets. With a simple tip change, you can also use it with welding rod for plastic repairs of bins, bumpers, totes and many other plastic parts. You can quickly and easily clean the air filters by a simple separation from the handgrip to ensure maximum airflow and proper tool function.

Abbeon has been providing top quality industrial equipment to businesses for over 70 years. They offer a complete range of plastic welding equipment including automatic overlap welders, wedge welders, extrusion welders, plate welders, ultrasonic welders, fusion welders and hand welder kits.

For more information, contact Abbeon Cal Inc., 1363 Donlon Street Unit 1, Ventura, CA 93003, 800-922-0977, E-mail:, Web:

75th Anniversary
Drader Manufacturing is celebrating 75 years. Through their 75-year history, their team has found ways to advance their systems and innovate processes. The Injectiweld or “The Drader,” is a hand-held plastic welder known worldwide for its ease of use and strong welds. It has interchangeable tips and an automatic feed system that enables a person to use the welder with one hand.

In addition to their welders, they stock HDPE, LLDPE, PP and ABS welding rod. If you have a custom color, they will match it or use your resin to extrude 4mm to 5mm welding rod for a perfect match of material and color.

Thanks in part to their U.S. distribution facilities, and their distributors around the world, they can make the Injectiweld available to everyone. With the Injectiweld, their clients get longer life out of their plastics, reduce waste, and achieve cost savings for their business. The unit produces strong welds and is perfect for prototyping, fabrication, repairs, and automated welding systems.

For more information, contact Drader Manufacturing, 5750 – 50 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6B 2Z8, 780-440-2231, E-mail:, Web:

Jobsite Efficiency & Workplace Safety
McElroy, a world leading designer and manufacturer of thermoplastic fusion equipment, presents the Tritan™ 560 combining features of three of McElroy’s most innovative machines: the rugged portability and technology of the TracStar® iSeries, pipe loading capabilities of the Talon™ 2000, and the ability to meet the pipe where it lays, found in the Acrobat™ QuikFit® carriages. With a full 360-degree rotation and a boom that can raise, extend, and curl the carriage to approach and load pipe, the Tritan boosts jobsite efficiency and improves workplace safety by elimi¬nating the need to top-load pipe into the fusion machine.

The unit aids in pipe positioning, allowing for more flexibility and increased performance and productivity. With the same rugged, dual rubber tracks found on McElroy TracStar machines, the Tritan offers all-terrain mobility to easily travel across a variety of terrains and can be driven directly to and from the pipe itself.

The unit was designed with operator safety in mind. All functions are wirelessly controlled with the DataLogger®, McElroy’s ruggedized touchscreen tablet that also captures the most important information related to fusion operations in real time. No second remote is needed – all controls have been integrated into the DataLogger tablet, allowing a single operator to control all parts of the pipe loading and fusion process. Rather than being tethered to the machine, operators can instead position themselves where they have good visibility and can safely manipulate the machine. The Tritan 560 offers a bottom-loading carriage that eliminates the need to lift pipe overhead and into the machine for standard fusions. Operators can load pipe quickly and safely in a variety of configurations. The boom arms can raise, extend, and curl the carriage over a range of motion. This gives operators the ability to precisely adjust the carriage without having to move the vehicle itself.

Position, load, and fuse pipe from 12-inch (305mm) to 22-inch (560mm) with ease. The Tritan 560’s full 360-degree swing lets operators fuse in front of the unit or parallel to the tracks on either side of the machine. An updated track motor allows the it to achieve a top speed of 2.75 miles (4.4 km) per hour in high-speed mode, boosting mobility on jobsites and further decreasing the time spent between fusions.

DataLogger integration allows users to take full advantage of McElroy’s Vault™, a powerful cloud-based tool to collect, store, analyze, and share joint reports and project information. Its easy-to-use interface also allows for recording of each fusion’s GPS location, machine, and operator information, along with joint data.

Tritan is expected to begin shipping in the second quarter of 2023.

For more information, contact McElroy Manufacturing, Inc., P.O. Box 580550, Tulsa, OK 74158, 918-831-9286, Fax: 918-831-9285, E-mail:, Web:

Welder Clean Out Rod
New Image Plastics understands how hard plastic fabricators work. It takes a talented technician to fabricate perfect parts every day, so their welders need to operate at the most efficient level. Keeping them clean helps facilitate this goal as build up on the screw and barrel can cause reduction in output, making the machine work harder.

It takes just a few feet of XPurge rod to clear out the extrusion welder. It will adhere to foreign materials and contaminants in the barrel and screw flights. Fill the machine with XPurge rod, release the trigger to stop the screw, wait a minute to allow the purge to activate, start the welder back up, empty out purge and you're ready for the next plastic type or color. It's that simple. You will be very satisfied with the results.

Proprietary XPurge rod is used to clean extrusion welding machines using a minimal amount of material. Non-chemical and non-abrasive, it is absolutely safe for your extrusion welder. Use it when purging between colors, plastic types, change overs and shut downs. The rod does not require adjusting machine temperature or RPM speed and it is a must for PVC fabricators.

New Image Plastics is a leading global producer of advanced specialty welding rod and welding profiles. They offer virgin high-performance polymers, formulations and chemical additives to serve a broad range of applications.

For more information, contact Jim Waring, New Image Plastics, 241 Market St. W, Canal Fulton, OH 44614, 330-854-3010, Fax: 844-776-0849, Email:, Web: or

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