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Thermoforming Spotlight

3D Trimming
Introducing the Thermwood 5 Axis Model 90, a state-of-the-art CNC router revolutionizing plastic trimming and thermoforming processes. Designed for three-dimensional applications, this high-speed machine delivers exceptional precision and efficiency in the plastics industry.

With a robust build, the Model 90 excels in trimming thermoformed plastics, composite materials, and fiber¬glass parts. It seamlessly converts CAD data into patterns and molds, guaranteeing flawless results. Equipped with a 12 HP router and standard 4-position automatic tool changing system, it offers single (5’x5’, 5’x10, 10’x5’) or dual moving aluminum tables (5’x5, 5’x10’ and 5’x12’). Larger routers and extra tool changers are also available.

Optional features like automatic tool length sensor, lubrication system, gantry lighting, and machine enclosure optimize performance. The continuous C axis and accu-lube mist coolant system ensure precision and quality. Choose from a 6-position bar style automatic tool changer and ten-position rotary automatic tool changer for enhanced workflow.

Thermwood, a renowned multinational CNC machinery manufacturer, presents the Model 90 as the ultimate solution for plastic trimming and thermoforming. Their expertise extends to various industries, from aerospace to entertainment. Experience the limitless potential of the Thermwood 5 Axis Model 90, elevating your plastic trimming capabilities to new heights with unrivaled precision and efficiency.

For more information, contact Duane Marrett, Thermwood Corporation, 904 Buffaloville Rd., Dale, IN 47523, 800-533-6901, E-mail:, Web:

TPO Family
Primex Plastics offers the Tuff-X™ family of products. Tuff-X, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a compounded alloy of polypropylene, elastomers and mineral fillers. TPO has advanced a great deal over the last several years and is much easier to process and provides exceptional properties. Tuff-X offers a unique balance of stiffness and low thermal expansion contraction (CLTE) as well as excellent impact, weatherability and chemical resistance. Primex offers Tuff-X in a variety of constructions with Flex Modulus ranging from 280,000 PSI up to 500,000 PSI. The material is available in an ultra-low gloss up to their extreme gloss with excellent depth of image. Custom colors and a variety of surfaces and soft touch feels are also available.

Primex extrudes plastic sheet using polystyrene, polyethylene, ABS, polypropylene and polyester in addition to an assortment of specialty products to serve a wide range of industries. Primex is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICC Industries.

For more information, contact Paul Uphaus, Primex Plastics Corporation, 1235 North F Street, Richmond, IN 47374, 800-222-5116/765-973-0108, E-mail:, Web:

Trimming Machines
GEISS AG, a worldwide leader in technology, quality, and performance, manufactures trimming and vacuumforming machines that can be configured exactly to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Depending on the customer’s specific application, the Geiss machine can be produced in any nominal size and delivered with and in any combination of the more than 100 options to meet any need in terms of the materials to be processed as well as the capacity requirement. They are able to deliver a full range of features to result in equipment best suited for any need starting at basic manually loaded, semi-automation all the way up to fully-automatic operations. The idea is to be able to deliver the most cost-effective solution for meeting a full range of requirements regardless of product size or the material type being processed, at any production capacity within a wide range of their clients and budget.

Geiss has now introduced the market to a fully integrated forming and trimming solution. They now offer to configure their forming and trimming machines together with an integrated six-axis robot that allows for a full-automatic solution. The user can start with palletized sheet material and without human intervention, get out the finished parts because all the handling between forming, trimming is done automatically. Addition further operations such as management of the scrap and dust and chip mitigation, or part inspection with vision systems can be integrated. Geiss already offered automatic exchange of sheet material and molds.

Despite the possibility to run in a fully automated configuration both the vacuum forming and trimming machines can be run independently of each other without the use of the robot.

Cycle times can be balanced between the thermoforming and the trimming processes by using multiples of the machines of either type together with robotic integration to reach an ideal configuration.

For more information, contact Michael J. Roche, Geiss LLC, 42 Ozick Drive, Unit 6, Durham, CT 06422, 203-988-9426, E-mail:, Web:

Cutting & Milling Tools
Hufschmied offers a range of tooling specifically designed for milling plastics. With plastic materials it is crucial to keep the milling temperature as low as possible. This can be achieved with tools from their Universal-Line and Sharp-Line. Depending on your requirements and your machinery, the solution to your processing problem offers you a choice of one, two or three-flute cutters.

Hufschmied tools are designed to minimize burr formation and provide a quality edge finish at high feed rates minimizing secondary operations. When it comes to cutting thermoset the avoidance of burr formation is critical to a high-quality edge finish. Their Universal-Line and Proto-Line are well suited for this category of materials.

For the processing of PMMA, cast or extruded, the Frasen Per Plex product range of single-fluted milling cutters produce a mirror-like surface finish without the need for additional polishing tools or any other polishing action. When working acrylics, milling cutters and drills need to produce sharply defined cutting edges. For this approach, Hufschmied supplies the FPE tool system with a single-step roughing and finishing cycle producing these very sharply defined edges. For polycarbonate and PET their Sharp-Line will provide a sooth finish with long tool life.

For more information, contact Steve Holbrook, Hufschmied USA, 42 Ozick Drive, Unit 6, Durham CT 06422, 419-341-6337, E-mail:, Web:

Heating Solutions
Schultz Forming Products provides heating and forming solutions for the Plastic Sheet Industry. Their Ovens provide fabricators of PVC trim, Expanded PVC, Acrylic, and plastic sheets with a durable, reliable, and affordable heating solution. The Ovens provide quick and uniform heating of plastic sheets with infrared heating technology and natural occurring convection for a penetrating and fast heating time. The standard PS48 Oven supports plastic sheets sizes up to 48" x 96", and Schultz builds custom ovens for specific material dimensions and specific heating needs.

Schultz Forming Products has a long history of building thermoforming products geared toward the cabinet and furniture manufacturing industries and those who need to thermoform plastics of all types. Purchasing a quality product made in the USA from Schultzform can open a world of creative possibilities to increase your business results. In addition to heating solutions, Schultz also provides Vacuum Forming options. For those interested in thermoforming, Schultz is your one-stop shop for thermoforming products.

For more information, contact Stephen Johnstone, Schultz Forming Products, 7574 Trade St., Ste. A, San Diego, CA 92121, 800-822-2875/928-345-8717, E-mail:, Web:

Single-Station Thermoformer
MAAC Machinery’s Comet Model C64S is 100% plug-and-play. With a 72” x 48” maximum mold size, the single station thermoforming machine is equipped with variable speed programmable platens (32” stroke top/27” stroke bottom), quartz upper and quartz lower ovens and an electric sheet car index. Additional features include Allen Bradley PLC controls, adjustable clamp frames, 46 independent oven zones (23 zones per oven half), infrared pyrometer in the upper oven, safety/sag eye in the lower oven, air and vacuum memory positioning valves, oversized vacuum tank, high velocity cooling fans and an air-conditioned electrical enclosure.

MAAC Machinery is the world’s largest thermoforming machinery manufacturer focusing exclusively on cut-sheet thermoforming applications. They design and manufacture the highest quality shuttle and rotary thermoforming machines specializing in vacuum forming, pressure forming, twin sheet forming and a wide variety of automotive OEM and custom thermoforming applications.

MAAC also offer trade-in deals for your out-of-date equipment so you can benefit and enjoy the latest technological advancements a MAAC machine has to offer.

For more information, contact Paul Alongi, MAAC Machinery, 590 Tower Blvd., Carol Stream, IL 60188, 630-665-1700, Fax: 630-665-7799, E-mail:, Web:

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