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High Performance Plastics
Thermoforming Spotlight

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High Performance Plastics

Continuous Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastic Plates
For applications where the mechanical requirements are too high for unreinforced or short fibre-reinforced plastic stock shapes, continuous fibre— reinforced thermoplastic plates offer an excellent alternative. Thanks to the continuous fibre reinforcement, usually a woven fabric of glass or carbon fibres, they have mechanical properties otherwise achieved only by metallic materials. At the same time, they are significantly lighter than most metal-based alternatives. Through the use of thermoplastic matrix materials, the plates nevertheless have the same advantages as unreinforced plates made from thermoplastic materials: high impact strength, constant properties over a broad temperature range, chemical resistance and high elongation at break.

Plates made from continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics can be processed into finished parts of outstanding quality with minimal tolerances. Alongside water jet cutting, conventional processing methods are also suitable – assuming suitable facilities and processing parameters.

Ensinger has widened its portfolio of composite plates to include three new materials: TECATEC PPS CW50, TECATEC PEI GW50 and TECATEC PC CW50. TECATEC PPS CW50 black (PPS CFK – Polyphenylene sulfide, carbon fibre-reinforced) offers excellent high-temperature resistance, has very good chemical resistance and dimensional stability over a broad temperature and humidity range and its carbon fibre reinforcement increases stiffness and strength. Their TECATEC PEI GW50 natural (PEI GFK – Polyetherimide, glass fibre-reinforced) offers high continuous service temperature (170°C), good electrical insulation, is fire, smoke and toxicity retardant (FST) and its glass fibre reinforcement increases the mechanical properties while keeping costs down. And TECATEC PC CW50 black (PC CFK - Polycarbonate, carbon fibre-reinforced) offers outstanding appearance thanks to crystal-clear, transparent matrix, high impact toughness and its carbon fibre reinforcement increases stiffness and strength.

The new composite plates have densities between 1.5 and 1.8 g/cm@, giving them a similar specific weight to unreinforced or short fibre-reinforced plates. The reinforcing fibres increase their mechanical properties dramatically to a level similar to metal. Compared with unreinforced polymer plates, continuous fibre-reinforced plates achieve values that are 5 times higher for both tensile strength and Young’s modulus.

Continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics exhibit extremely low coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) in a range around 5x10-6 K-1. This property is of great importance for applications in which the parts are subjected to temperature fluctuations over a broad range and where high precision is required.

The thermoplastic matrix gives the plates high impact toughness, with the value significantly higher than in plates with a thermoset matrix such as epoxy or phenolic resins. The high elongation at break of the thermoplastics ensures tough, non-brittle fracture behaviour. For some applications, the intrinsic vibration damping of the matrix can also be a relevant advantage.

Ensinger produces the thermoplastic composite plates to customer-specific requirements, with maximum dimensions of 525 x 625 mm. The manufacturer is also flexible when it comes to the plate thickness: in the range 0.5 to 95 mm, any thickness is possible.

For more information, contact Larry DiSano, Ensinger, 365 Meadowlands Blvd., Washington, PA 15301, 800-243-3221/856-227-0500, Fax: 724-746-9209, E-mail:, Web:

Sheets, Slabs & Massive Shapes
King Plastic Corporation is a leading manufacturer of polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes with over 20 product brands for a wide variety of applications. Their high-performance polymers help the food processing and packaging industry see improved efficiency and performance. Machine parts made with their King Plastic polymer sheets operate clean without contamination, lubricants, rust or corrosion. The material is easy to clean and resistant to harsh chemicals. Applications include: wear guides, chutes, star wheels, machine parts, and more.

Featured high performance plastics include: King Star- Board® ST – a polymer building sheet that lasts a lifetime; King ColorBoard® - a colorful environmentally stabilized polymer sheet; King ColorCore® - a multi-color engravable polymer sheet; and King Hy-Pact® – a super tough industrial polymer sheet

For more information, contact Michael Fabbri, King Plastic Corporation, 1100 N. Toledo Blade Blvd., North Port, FL 34288, 941-493-5502, Fax: 941-497-3274, Email:, Web:

High-Performance Engineering Plastics
Westlake Plastics is a leader in supplying innovative high-performance engineering plastics shapes for machined parts. For over 40 years, Pomalux®, Absylux®, Zelux® and Propylux® have set a standard for machine grade polymers in the machin - ing/fabrication industry. What differentiates Westlake Plastics from their competitors’ extruded sheet is their unique compression molding process. Compression molding provides bestin- class dimensional stability due to their proprietary isotropic stress relieving process. Compression molding provides an engineering plastic sheet that stays flat and resists warping during machining processes. Extruded plastic sheet does not machine the same as compression molded sheet. Extruded plastic sheet could warp or twist when machining material off one side of the sheet or machining large, pocketed areas… causing your machine shop customers higher scrap rates, lost machine time, additional raw material costs and big headaches for you because of complaints and returns.

You might expect to pay more for Westlake Plastics’ compression molded plastic sheet but improvements in their process have allowed them to offer their products at a more competitive price, providing their customers access to a premium machinegrade plastic sheet at extrusion-grade pricing.

For more information, contact Jason Ross, Westlake Plastics Company, 490 Lenni Rd., Lenni, PA 19052, 800-999-1700/610-459-1000, Fax: 610-459-1084, E-mail:, Web:

Extruded High-Performance Shapes
Quantum Polymers is a premier US manufacturer of extruded engineering and high- performance polymer stock shapes for machined parts. Quantum focuses on products like ULTEM™, Kynar®, PEEK and PPS but specializes in providing best-in-class quality, innovation, and service across a wide range of polymers.

High-performance polymers offer outstanding elevated thermal resistance, high strength and stiffness, and broad UV and chemical resistance. They are used in a variety of applications where resistance to high heat, certain solvents and chemicals, flame, and degradation due to UV are paramount.

Together with ease of machining and excellent dimensional stability during secondary fabrication, high performance polymers like PEEK, PPS, PEI and PVDF are ideal for use in many critical applications by offering engineers exceptional flexibility and freedom in product development and design.

In order to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction, Quantum manufactures stock shapes using 100% virgin resins purchased directly from resin suppliers like SABIC Innovative Plastics, SOLVAY, EVONIK and ARKEMA. Furthermore, all Quantum products are hot air annealed for dimensional stability, pass a rigorous ISO inspection program and have full lot and batch traceability. Quantum currently stocks unfilled and glass filled high performance stock shapes with low minimums and reasonable lead times from 3/8”to 12” diameter rods, and plates from 3/8” to 6” thick.

For more information, contact Nicole DiMenco, Quantum Polymers Corporation, 211 Executive Dr., Ste. 1, Newark, DE 19702, 877-737-7012, Fax: 302-737-7035, E-mail:, Web:

Films, Tapes & Custom Converting
CS Hyde Company is your worldwide source for high performance adhesive tapes, polymer films, PTFE coated fabrics, silicone rubber sheeting and belting. They specialize in PTFE products made with Teflon™ fluoroplastics, Kapton®, PEEK, Mylar®, FEP, Ultem® and many other performance plastics that meet specifications of every industry. They also have a fully equipped warehouse with converting machinery to meet specific slit widths, specialty die cut parts, adhesive lamination, and high-speed automated sheeting.

Their plastic film inventory covers performance characteristics ranging from abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and high heat resistance. They supply a variety of different thicknesses and most of their films are sold by the linear foot which is great for R&D prototype applications. Common films they stock are Kapton HN, nylon, FEP/PFA, PEEK, Mylar Type A, UHMW, Ultem PEI, and several others.

They supply a variety of PSA performance tapes with different adhesive systems to better fit your application. Adhesives include acrylic – for high tact adhesion, silicone - for clean release and high temperature, and rubber - for cost effective applications. Their catalogue is composed of high temperature masking tapes, skived PTFE tapes for wrapping applications, 3M™ transfer adhesives, PTFE coated fiberglass tapes for release liners, and a variety of custom film tapes that are produced from stock performance polymer films.

For more information, contact Sales, CS Hyde Company, 1351 N. Milwaukee Ave., Lake Villa, IL 60046, 800-461-4161/847-395-0325, Fax: 847-395-0334, E-mail:, Web:

Polyimide Shapes & Liquid
R. Blaine Industries (RBI) recently announced the expanded availability of its VTEC™ polyimide stock shapes, parts and liquid materials. Small diameter rod has been added, with sizes as small as .060” diameter now available. Incremental diameters are also available to reduce the need to turn down from larger diameters. Other additions to the line include 300mm square sheet stock, and many OD/ID tube and bushing stock sizes.

VTEC creates new revenue opportunities, and offers distributors and fabricators a quality alternative to Vespel®, Meldin®, Plavis®, and other polyimides (PI). RBI's unique new VTEC economy grade (EG) materials bring down the high cost of traditional polyimides while providing unparalleled reliability comparable to other high performance materials.

Hybrid VTEC polymer materials are available with many fillers and modifications including carbon, graphite, glass, PTFE, fibers, and minerals to exactly match application requirements to replace metals, and upgrade many other polymers which are underperforming.

VTEC is a virtually indestructible polymer that overcomes many of the limitations of traditional high performance plastic materials. VTEC is not sensitive to moisture and steam, which makes it ideal for oil patch applications. Also, VTEC EG does not have a low Tg problem in high temperature applications. And, VTEC EG is ideal for any type of bearing and wear application to 500°F continuous.

VTEC Polyimide is also available in liquid form for applications where a polyimide coating or film is desired. It is typically applied and then thermal cured into a thin film or coating layer. Applications include cast films (including ESD); thin wall tubing; glass coating (to reduce breakage); metal coating (to create a high temp wear surface or to make metal non-conductive); semiconductor and microelectronic stress buffers or passivation layers; high temp adhesives; optical fiber and capillary coatings; R&D projects; wire enamels, etc. VTEC Polyimide liquid adds a new dimension to a distributors’ overall offering of advanced polymers.

RBI's VTEC line of polyimide and hybrid materials also includes directformed parts and machined parts, in addition to stock shapes (sheet, rod, tube). RBI also produces near-net custom shapes that save machining time as well as material cost. Medical implant grades of VTEC in liquid and solid from are also available and solving next generation application challenges.

For more information, contact Mark McDevitt, R. Blaine Industries, 1517 Hill Rd., Ste 5F, Reading, PA 19602, 610-236-1445, E-mail:, Web: www.

High Performance Profiles
Petro Extrusion Tech., Inc. is an extruder of most thermoplastic materials, including several high performance materials such as PVDF (Solef® 460), Trogamid® transparent amorphous nylon 12 and nylons 6 & 12.

Extruded Solef PVDF material is an FDA grade resin with high temperature resistance and good chemical resistance, available in a wide variety of stock in custom sizes, which can be produced according to customer specifications. This material is natural in color and is semi rigid.

Evonik Trogamid T-5000 nylon is a transparent, rigid nylon, with a clear, amber colored tint. It can be extruded in a variety of tubes, round, square, or rectangular, as needed. It offers good chemical resistance, high mechanical stability and good electrical properties. It is transparent unlike most opaque nylon grades.

Petro also extrudes nylon 6 & 12. Nylon 6 offers good heat resistance, along with good chemical resistance, and toughness. It is available in tubing or profile shapes, and is available in a variety of stock profile shapes. Nylon 6 is available in both FDA and heat-stabilized grades. Standard nylon 6 can vary in color from white translucent to a beige opaque color.

Nylon12 has even higher heat resistance then nylon 6, and is available in FDA grades, as well as flexible grades, and heat stabilized grades. Nylon 12 has better hydrolytic stability and has a white/translucent color.

For more information, contact Mike Patterson, Petro Extrusion Technologies, Inc., 205B Hallock Ave., Middlesex, NJ 08846, 800-229-3338/908-789-3338, Fax: 908-789-0434, E-mail:, Web:

High Performance with Visibility
SUSTANAT PC (polycarbonate machine grade) is ideally suited for applications that demand high impact strength. It is an amorphous, transparent material that exhibits good electrical and mechanical properties along with excellent dimensional stability.

It has a continuous use temperature of 250°F to - 20°F, exceptional toughness, transparency, is easy to machine to close tolerances, high impact strength, it is intrinsicly flame retardant, has good electrical insulation and high mechanical retention at elevated temperatures. These are just a few features that make it an ideal solution for applications such as electrical connectors, instrument covers, dialysis equipment parts, insulators and many other components.

When visibility is necessary SUSTANAT PC can be polished to allow sight in and around the component.

Röchling offers SUSTANAT PC in sheet and rod stock shapes. Rods range from .250" dia. up to 6" dia. in 10 foot length and sheets range from .625" gauge up to 4" in 24" x 48".

For more information, contact Sean Helms, Röchling Engineering Plastics, P.O. Box 2729, Gastonia, NC 28053, 704-884-3501, Fax: 704-922-7651, E-mail:, Web:

HP Polymers & Compounds
Polymics®, LTD. is a unique manufacturer of polymer compounds offering an extensive combination of expertise in product development, application engineering and innovative polymer processing. With over 20 years’ experience Polymics holds several patents and is differentiated by its approach to creating and developing application-specific product solutions through patented technology of new higher temperature polymers, compound and alloy systems to 800° F; vertical integration capabilities including polymer production, compounding, processing and testing to augment unmatched design services and partnerships engaging their customers with a "concept to solution®" focus.

They offer high-performance compounds for extreme applications and unsurpassed expertise in design development and processing of PEEK, PEK, PEKK, PAEK, PEEKK, PPS, PEI, PBI, PI and other specialty polymers.

Their products are well suited to applications in aerospace and transportation, medical devices, analytical instrumentation, electronics and semiconductor, energy and alternative energy, defense, food and pharmaceutical and industrial and materials handling.

They have vertically integrated production capabilities encompassing: synthesis and polymerization; compounding (50 to 50,000 lbs.); processing including compression molding, injection molding, extrusion and centrifugal molding; color matching; material analysis; ASTM testing and certification utilizing ISO-based quality systems with conformance.

Polymics has established a roll in development and production of polymers used in the most demanding environments with economical solutions utilizing high performance materials, compounds and alloys to improve performance at a lower delivered cost. Polymics extensive investment in tooling allows them to competitively offer specialty products in film, sheet, slab, rod and tube with reductions in material cost, machining time and material stresses.

For more information, contact Peter Foss, Polymics®, LTD., 2215 High Tech Road, State College, PA 16803, 814-357-5860, Fax: 814-357-5863, E-mail: info@, Web: www.

For more information, contact Peter Foss, Polymics®, LTD., 2215 High Tech Road, State College, PA 16803, 814-357-5860, Fax: 814-357-5863, E-mail: info@, Web: www.

Custom Profiles, Shapes & Tubes
The Spiratex Co. is a custom extrusion service company that specializes in extruding custom profiles, shapes and tubes in UHMW/PE and poly - urethane as well as other materials to tight tolerances.

The picture is actually of three different extrusions of black UHMW snapped together to make a tray, a lid, and compartments to keep the items in the three trays from getting mixed and tangled up. Their extrusion expertise allows for the snap-fit of the lid to fit snugly on the tray and maximize the space in each of the three compartments.

Spiratex can work with your engineers to design the tightest tolerance part to fit and perform your desired function. UHMW/PE is a problem-solving material that is abrasion resistant and has a low coefficient of friction.

For more information, contact Jeff Coil, The Spiratex Co., 1916 Frenchtown Center Dr., Monroe, MI 48162,734-289-5205, Fax: 734-289-4804, E-mail:, Web:

Thin Gauge Sheet
ENSINGER Penn Fibre is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of high performance and engineering polymers in extruded plastic sheets, coils, strips and punched parts. Ensinger Penn Fibre extrudes thin gauge plastic sheets from .031” to .250” thick at up to 24” wide and sheets from .062” to .250” thick at up to 48” wide. Stock sheets standard length of 96” and most stock sheets ship in one to two days. Custom runs ship in 4 to 5 weeks on 24” wide products and 6 to 8 weeks on 48” wide products. Coils are manufactured from .010” to .125” thick and slit widths from .250” to 24” wide. Punched parts and CNC parts are also produced from various thickness of coils and strips.

Acetal - TECAFORM® and Delrin® in Nat, Black and Colors, Nylon, Nylon MDS, Nylon GF13, - TECAMID®, Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) - TECAPEEK®, Poly phe nylene Sulfide (PPS) - TECATRON ® PPS, Poly etherimide (Ultem®) - TECAPEI™, Sulfones - TECASON ®, Polyesters PBT and TECAPET™, Polycarbonate (PC) - TECANAT®, Poly - phenylene Oxide (PPO) - TECANYL®, Polypropylene - TECAFINE® PP, Polyeth y lene - TECAFINE® PE and Acrylonitrile Buta diene Styrene - TEC A RAN™.

Limited thickness op tions are stocked in 24” wide of Delrin® Nat, Black and Colors, Delrin AF® (PTFE) sheets, polysulfone sheets, modified polypenenlene oxide (Noryl ® PPO) sheets, Pennite® glass reinforced nylon sheets, Pennite® long glass fiber Polypropylene sheets, Fortron® glass reinforced polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) sheets , Ultem ® Poly ether i mide (PEI) sheets, and poly ether ether keytone (PEEK) sheets.

Many non-standard plastic sheets, including electrostatically dissipative (ESD) acetal sheets, custom colored plastic sheets, and other custom sheets are supplied on a custom minimum order basis, with lead times averaging from four to eight weeks ARO.

For more information, contact Mark Kreisher, Ensinger Penn Fibre Inc., 2434 Bristol Road, Bensalem, PA 19020, 800-662-7366/215-702-9551, Fax: 215-702-9552, E-mail:, Web:

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