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Flycutting Plastic Sheet
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Flycutting Plastic Sheet
Plastics International offers flycutting of plastic sheets for special thickness requirements as a finishing option beyond their CNC saw cutting services. Flycutting is ideal for customers who have special sheet thickness requirements including metric thickness and resurfacing needs.

Their vacuum operated flycutting machine for close tolerance horizontal planing of plastic sheets has specialized cutters on both ends of a 36" wingspan arms for maximum sheet widths. Maximum sheet capacity for the flycutter is 36" x 72" and sheet thickness from .125" to 3" thick with a finish tolerance of +/- .005".

Plastic sheets are typically flycut on both sides to balance properties and minimize warpage. Flycutting provides a close tolerance finish on plastics like Delrin® - acetals, UHMW, nylon, Teflon®, Ultem®, PEEK, ABS, polysulfone, Kynar® - PVDF, PET, Polyolefins and more. The flycutter is not used on glass filled materials or phenolics. Plastic sheets can be flycut to finishing thickness requirements before being saw cut to smaller parts enabling machinists to eliminate multiple steps and set-ups when the surface thickness of parts is already planed to size. See a demonstration on YouTube at

For more information, contact Paul Carter, Plastics International, 7600 Anagram Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344, 952-934-2303, Fax: 952-934-2314, E-mail:, Web:

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