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Volume: 44
Issue: 6
Article No.: 25793

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Looking Ahead
This has been another exciting year. We continue to see innovations in materials and machinery, and next year promises to build on that with AI entering more aspects of our daily lives. We have some new ideas for 2024, and as always, we welcome your input. If you have suggestions, we would like to hear from you, email us at We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to keep you current and competitive in all aspects of the plastic shapes industry.

This issue we spotlight some versatile High-Performance Plastics. When you have demanding applications, these materials provide options for challenging environments, from when high strength or high service temperatures are required, to high chemical resistance, or high impact. High-performance plastics can be found everywhere from outdoor kitchens to bio-medical devices. See what’s new to meet your customer’s high-performance requirements.

Then turn to our Thermoforming Spotlight for a variety of equipment and products that will help you form, and trim more efficiently.

Next up, our Welding Spotlight features a wide range of joining and fabricating equipment to meet all of your plastic welding and repair needs. From pallet welding machines to pipe fusion machines, to tools that are smaller, lighter, offer high output, and are easier to use, we offer a variety of products to meet your welding requirements.

Finally, in “Safety Solutions” Jack looks at Protecting Employees When Performing Machine Operations. As we approach the new year, OSHA is concentrating more of their inspection efforts on machinery. The reason for these increased inspections is OSHA is seeing an increase in employee amputations. Injuries resulting from inadequate machine guarding are of concern due to their potential severity. If your company needs assistance with a safety related matter, Jack would be happy to help. As a reader of PD&F Magazine he is available for an initial consultation. He has nearly 50 years in industrial safety and can be reached via email at

We would like to thank all of our readers, advertisers, and contributors for their support this year. We hope your sights are set high for 2024. All of us at PD&F Magazine wish you happy holidays and a safe and healthy new year. To find additional resources, search our website. You can also contact our advertisers, or manage your subscription.

Enjoy the issue,

David Whelan

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