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Category: Material
Volume: 41
Issue: 2
Article No.: 5796

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Phthalate-Free Tubing
New from plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries is Clearflo 70 PVC tubing, a phthalatefree product. Clearflo 70 was developed in response to customers’ interest in fluid transfer products that do not contain leachable phthalates such as DEHP (Di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate) or BPA (bisphenol A). Some studies indicate that phthalates – chemicals used to make certain plastic materials more flexible and easier to process – may have a negative health impact.

“Our customers want to use the safest possible tubing in their processes,” stated Gregg Donovan, Product Marketing Manager. “Removing the threat of a potential health hazard on our end removes the worry from our customers and lets them focus on their products.”

Additional features of the tubing include: the finished tubing meets USP Class VI requirements; it is made from non-toxic ingredients conforming to FDA standards; it is NSF-51 (National Sanitation Foundation) listed for use with food equipment materials; it has glass-like clarity that allows users view fluid flow; it has smooth surfaces for outstanding flow and is flexible, light weight and abrasion resistance

NewAge stocks Clearflo 70 in fifty sizes ranging from 1/16” through 2” I.D.; larger sizes are available. The company also offers braid reinforced PVC hose for higher pressure usage, as well as fitting and clamps for attachment.

For more information, contact Gregg Donovan, NewAge Industries, 145 James Way, Southampton, PA 18966, 800-506-3924/215-526-2300, Fax: 800-837-1856/215-526-2190, E-mail:, Web:

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