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Polytechnic University Establishes Development Center for Environmentally Friendly Polymers
Polytechnic University has established the nation's first center for biocatalysis and bioprocessing of macromolecules. The Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing of Macromolecules will research and develop new methods for producing environmentally friendly plastics and other polymers.

The Center will develop plastics and other polymers using natural systems such as yeasts, fungi, bacteria and plants that meet the needs of today's chemical and biomedical industries. The new polymers will use less energy from non-petroleum sources and will reduce or eliminate the use of toxic materials.

With the capability of processing the polymers in a more time-efficient and less costly manner, the Center looks to eliminate the previous mufti-stage process necessary with traditional polymers. The polymers can be used for biomedical and industrial purposes.

With funding from the National Science Foundation and private industry, the Center will also develop new polyester families that will biodegrade upon disposal. Polytechnic University has already developed technologies enabling polymer production that provides an environmentally safe alternative to conventional fibers, adhesives, plastics, thickeners and gels.

Companies that have already partnered with the Center include DSM, BASF, Maxygen, ChemClean, Cargill-Dow, Novo Nordisk, EcoSynthetix, Johnson & Johnson Hercules Incorporated and Nalco Chemical Company.

Polytechnic University, founded in 1854, is the nation's second oldest private technology university and the New York metropolitan area's preeminent educational resource in technology education and research.

For more information, For additional information contact Ian McRae, Cohn & Wolfe, 292 Madison Avenue, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10017, 212-798-9814, Fax: 212-329-9900, Web:

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