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Category: Machinery
Volume: 43
Issue: 4
Article No.: 25722

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High-Capacity Oven
A new EconoRed ERIII- 30 high-capacity oven from Vastex Industrial is said to cure composites, thermoset plastics, adhesives, epoxies and related materials at high rates in a smaller footprint and at lower cost than comparable ovens.

The unit's three 24” wide, 3,600 watt infrared heaters feature closely spaced coils that provide high-density, medium-wavelength infrared heat for maximum cure speed without cold spots or under-curing.

To compensate for varying shapes and thicknesses of items being cured, the unit's Infrared Focusing System allows heater-to-conveyor height adjustments from 2” to 7” in. as standard, with greater clearances available as an option. The expandable design allows the addition of modular heating chambers and conveyor belt extensions.

A top-mounted exhaust system draws in filtered air and cools the outer skin of the oven while a 388 CFM exhaust system evacuates moisture and fumes from the heating chamber.

The 30 in. x 105 in. Teflon®-coated fiberglass belt is equipped with a low friction belt aligner and belt speed controls to precisely set dwell times from 35 seconds to four minutes. Optional stainless steel mesh belts satisfy high-heat and/or sanitary applications.

For more information, contact Vastex Industrial, Inc., 7 Emery St., Bethlehem, PA 18015, 610-625-2702, E-mail:, Web:

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